Identify and leverage the geographic references in content.

  • Geosearch: Find all content, data, and information about a place in a single view
  • Geotagging: Analyze content to identify geographic references; use geotagged content in other applications
  • GeoParsing: Software “reads” documents and web pages in a human-like way to identify geographic terms and references using natural language processing (NLP)
  • Geographic Data Modules: Access a digital gazetteer that includes over 225 million disambiguated place names with unique latitude/longitude
  • MetaCarta puts your data on any map: Google, Microsoft, ESRI - virtually any map server

Latest News


New Product! -- MetaCarta for SharePoint® 2013, a plug-in enrichment service that geo-enables both structured and unstructured content inside the Microsoft SharePoint® 2013 environment, was launched this week at Microsoft’sSharePoint® Conference 2014 in Las Vegas.  More 

Renowned intellectual property expert Erin-Michael Gill joins Qbase as the Executive VP of Products and Technology. Gill will lead all business aspects related to products and intellectual property including product creation, design, development, marketing, financing, IP strategy and protection, and sales.   More 

MetaCarta Supports Carnegie Mellon University Research: Thanks to Judith Gelernter and her team in the Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University for their technical advice on their geoparsing algorithm

Qbase launches MetaCarta Software Release 4.8 that introduces Human Geography Entity Data Module (HG EDM),expands Street Address Country Coverage.    More

Louis E. Grever, recently retired Executive Assistant Director for the FBI's Science and technology Branch has joined the Qbase management team and will serve as Senior Vice President for Product and Services Development.    More

Qbase Releases Enhanced Software for MetaCarta Geointelligence Products    More

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