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MetaCarta is the leading provider of geographic search and referencing solutions.  MetaCarta enables documents from any sources to appear in any map. Whether you are using a high-end GIS like ESRI ArcGIS, a globe viewer like Google Earth, a mobile device, or a browser-based map with Microsoft Virtual Earth and an internal WMS, MetaCarta can display relevant map-based search results.

Using MetaCarta’s products, you can push documents to MetaCarta, or use our Connector Framework to crawl your shared drives and content management systems; all the repositories that matter to you. MetaCarta’s products are available in four delivery options. Not all products are available in every configuration, so please ask your account manager for details.

  1. On-premise Appliance
  2. On-premise Software Only
  3. Off-premise dedicated or shared hosted Appliance
  4. Software as a Service (SaaS)

MetaCarta Product Architecture 

MetaCarta bridges the gap between content and maps.  MetaCarta's products fall into five major categories: the MetaCarta Platform, Geographic Data Modules, GeoWeb Applications, Hosted Content Collections, and Software-only Solutions.

MetaCarta Geographic Search and Referencing Platform (GSRP)

The MetaCarta GSRP geo-enables information so it can be used in location-based applications. It works with MetaCarta’s various Geographic Data Modules (GDMs) to help identify places within content.

Separately Licensed GSRP Functions

The GeoTag component identifies geographic references contained in a document. It’s simple and fast – the GeoTag component returns references with location, feature type, country, province/state, and confidence value. Output options include GeoMarkup (XML), JSON, KML, and PNG dependent on whether you choose an on-premise Appliance or off-premise hosted solution.

This component enables a geographic search. GeoSearch is used to build various User Interfaces and may also integrate into other applications.

Query Parser
The Query Parser component directs the user to more relevant content faster. In the case when a user enters a query that contains a geographic term, the Query Parser can send the search to both MetaCarta and a third party search Appliance (e.g. Autonomy, Google, etc) simultaneously. This helps return the most relevant content to the user, while leveraging the investment of existing enterprise search engines.

Location Finder
The Location Finder component returns all possible location matches for a geographic query. This offers a simple way for users to refine initial area of focus to deliver more accurate and relevant search results. The Location Finder can be used within a GeoSiteSearch GeoWeb Application, or as a standalone application to find and disambiguate locations around the world.

Saved Search and Notification
The Saved Search and Notification component provides a continuous stream of geographic intelligence about a particular location. The component allows users to establish alerts for queries that match a pre-defined keyword and map extent. Create alerts for yourself, colleagues, or other applications. Alerts execute automatically at scheduled times. Notifications can be sent via email, RSS, Instant Message (IM), and active browser notification.

Document Density
The Document Density component helps users see the distribution of an entire geographic search result. Document density helps direct investigation by enabling users to quickly identify trends and ‘hotspots’ of information. This is particularly useful when a document mentions something like “5 miles East of Waltham”.

MetaCarta GeoWeb Applications

MetaCarta’s pre-built, plug-and-play geo-enabled applications enable fast, simplified deployment of location-based services.

MetaCarta GeoSiteSearch
This Application enables users to conduct a geographic search on any content, with search results ranking based on location and text relevance. GeoSiteSearch integrates within an existing Web site or portal very easily – and the interface is fully customizable if needed.

MetaCarta NewsMap
This Application lets publishers dynamically display maps that show the places mentioned in their news stories. The NewsMap generates net new revenue through premium sponsorships – advertisers will see great value in the attention and differentiation that the NewsMap garners for their ad campaign. A NewsMap increases ad impressions, improves stickiness, and generates additional page views.


MetaCarta Hosted Content Collections

MetaCarta’s extensive geographic content collections cover specific topics such as news or energy, displayed on a map interface. For customers in the digital media space and agencies within the public sector, MetaCarta offers these collections as a content supplement.

MetaCarta GeoSearch News
MetaCarta GeoSearch News presents a 30-day moving window of news, delivered in a map-based interface. GeoSearch News indexes an extensive collection of more than 4,000 national, international and local news sources every hour in addition to direct feeds from the Associated Press and Reuters. Organizations may license GeoSearch News content for their own use on an annual basis.

MetaCarta GeoSearch Energy
Hosted by MetaCarta, GeoSearch Energy is a proprietary index of Web sites that have been identified by MetaCarta as containing content relevant to the energy industry. Organizations may license GeoSearch Energy content for their own use on an annual basis.

MetaCarta Geographic Data Modules (GDMs)

MetaCarta Geographic Data Modules make up the core of MetaCarta products and hosted solutions. A GDM is a knowledge base used to identify and disambiguate geographic references, assign latitude/longitude coordinates, and confidence scores and relevance ranking.

Core Platform Component:
Optional Add-On GDMs:

Please visit MetaCarta's Geographic Data Module pages for more detailed descriptions of each GDM.

MetaCarta Software-Only Solutions

In addition to the appliance product option, MetaCarta also offers customers software-only solutions as an additional and viable means to gain access to our tools to ensure your mission success.  Our software-only solutions include:


  • GeoTag
  • Location Finder
  • GeoSearch Toolkit for Solr - allows users to index and search their documents by keyword inside of a defined geographic area. Unlike other geospatial extensions to Solr, this approach allows documents to have multiple locations and takes the in-text character position of georeferences into account when computing relevancy scores.
Currently only the Base GDM is available for the software-only products.


Third Party Integrations

Through the MetaCarta Alliance Program, we encourage leading software companies, systems integrators and consulting companies to work together to create innovative enterprise geographic search, content/document management, and GIS Connectors for a wide scope of organizations.